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Onboard Simplicity for MLS


Discover the flexibility, control and security of Simplicity

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Onboard Simplicity for MLS


Centralized control over your listings and access to local data that keeps you competitive

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Onboard Simplicity for MLS


Easier innovation that drives business and exposure to your site and your brand

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Onboard Simplicity for Software Developers


Today, businesses have to go to multiple vendors to get lifestyle, real estate, financial, educational information and more and each vendor has its own flavor and rules and ways of doing things. Some people call this friction. We call it a hassle.

Simplicity offers an alternative to this chaos. The platform will remove the friction and make accessing this local data smarter, faster, and easier.

Simplicity will bring a new level of transparency, security, control, and access to local information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Onboard developing Onboard Simplicity?
For 13 years, Onboard has been perfecting data aggregation and distribution to some of the largest brands in real estate. The Simplicity platform is a natural extension of Onboard's business as we continue to advance our technology to meet the demands of consumers, businesses, and other data providers.

When will the Onboard Simplicity platform be available for my online development?
Onboard Simplicity will be released in 2015.

How does Simplicity work?
How it all works is a little techy, but Simplicity is sophisticated. It pulls in data from a variety of providers, standardizes that data so it's all uniform, make the data relatable so it's functional, and then makes it easy for developers to pick and choose what they want to create the next big thing.

What can I expect from the early version of Onboard Simplicity?
It will feature advanced geographic and lifestyle search capabilities and comprehensive data on more than 120 million residential properties and hundreds of thousands of neighborhoods, towns, schools and communities nationwide. We have an aggressive road map developed around this technology and will announce improvements, enhancements and additions to the platform throughout the year.