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About Onboard Simplicity for Other Businesses

Onboard Simplicity and Vendors

Onboard Simplicity™ provides vendors with a powerful way to utilize, control and distribute data. It offers centralized access to a world of local data - property records, taxes and assessments, deeds, sales trends, demographics and more - to power websites, mobile apps, and back office systems that keep you competitive.

Onboard Simplicity makes it easier for you to power your growth with local data. It's a simple, efficient resource for a wide range of local data.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can vendors use Onboard Simplicity?
Vendors can use Onboard Simplicity to give their customers access to the type of local data and online experiences they have come to expect. Having a single access point for public records and contextual local data keeps vendors competitive.

How will vendors access Onboard Simplicity?
Vendors can access Onboard Simplicity directly through Onboard Informatics. Contact us for more information.

What will be available in the first release of Onboard Simplicity?
It will feature comprehensive information on more than 120 million residential properties and hundreds of thousands of neighborhoods, towns, schools and communities nationwide.

Is international data included on the Simplicity platform?
Right now, the local information on Simplicity is limited to the United States.

Will it be easy for my developers to integrate the data from Onboard Simplicity?
Our goal is to create an accessible environment that developers can get up and running within minutes. This removes the standard challenges of local data implementation like complexity, administrative hassles, and expense. Now you have access to the type of data that powers your business from a single source through an advanced API interface.

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