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About Onboard Simplicity for Developers

Onboard Simplicity and Developers

Onboard Simplicity™ provides developers with a powerful single advanced API interface to utilize, control and distribute data. It offers centralized access to a world of local information - property records, taxes and assessments, deeds, sales trends, demographics and more - all standardized to make integration to your latest websites or application easier than ever before.

When Onboard was developing this platform, we realized that developers were where true innovation was coming from. We knew that if we focused on something that application and software developers found easy to use, elegant, and intuitive we would see cross-platform applications being build faster and easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can developers use Onboard Simplicity?
Developers can use Onboard Simplicity to create cutting edge online experiences and applications powered by local information. With a central point of access to a world of local data, developers can spend more time innovating and less time integrating.

How is the Onboard Simplicity a secure platform?
Onboard Simplicity uses modern authentication and authorization standards along with a secure connection. Security doesn't have to be over-the-top for it to be effective. So developers can easily manage credentials when utilizing Onboard Simplicity.

How will developers access Onboard Simplicity?
Developers can access Onboard Simplicity directly through Onboard Informatics. Contact us for more information.

Can decvelopers see a demo of Onboard Simplicity today?
Yes. A demo is available for developers through Onboard Labs.

What will be available in the first release of Onboard Simplicity?
It will feature advanced geographic and lifestyle search capabilities and comprehensive data on more than 120 million residential properties and hundreds of thousands of neighborhoods, town, schools and communities nationwide. This is just the first step in the evolution of the platform, which will eventually house an abundance of local data from hundreds of sources.

Is international data included on the Onboard Simplicity platform?
Right now, the local data will be limited to the United States.

Will it be easy for developers to integrate the data from Onboard Simplicity?
Our goal is to create an accessible environment that developers can get up and running within minutes. This removes the complexity of local data implementation that brings administrative hassles and expense. Now you have access to the type of information that powers your next project from a single API.

What standards does Onboard Simplicity follow?
Onboard Simplicity follows widely-adopted technology principles like REST and standards like JSON and OAuth 2.0. It also supports industry standards including the RESO (Real Estate Standards Organization) data dictionary, RETS and the RESO Web API. By supporting and promoting standards we hope to make it easier and more cost-effective for everyone involved.

Do I need to be working with Onboard today to access Onboard Simplicity?
No, you do not need to be a current client of Onboard to access Onboard Simplicity as it becomes available. Any software or application developer is also welcome to explore the technology behind Onboard Simplicity through the Onboard Labs.

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