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About Onboard Simplicity for MLS

Onboard Simplicity and MLS

Onboard Simplicity™ will contain listings information that is RESO standards-compliant. Any MLS in the country will be able to use this solution to provide RESO Data Dictionary-compliant data via RETS and the new RESO Web API without any modification to their existing MLS software platform.

This solution places the MLS at the forefront of securely managing and distributing listing data via RETS and Web API to members, vendors, publishers and other third parties with flexibility, visibility and control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just another listing syndication?
No. This is a data distribution solution that lets you manage your data securely and easily.

Will Simplicity support future RESO requirements?
Yes. As standards evolve, our solutions will, too.

Which MLS platforms are supported?
Any MLS with RETS access.

Who determines 3rd parties authorized to access MLS content?
Each MLS and its broker participants explicitly elect and manage permissions.

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